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For over three decades now the team at BlueRock have been providing logistic solutions within the world of events and travel.

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Event and Travel Logistics

We have been able to do this due to our excellent network of contacts,buying power,knowledge, experience and most importantly our trusted and respected reputation in the industry. The most important aspect of our company we feel is the necessity to provide excellent service,credibility and reliability to ensure our customers come back time and time again.

At BlueRock we recognise the value of our product and the memory and experience it can bring for each customer. 30 years of experience in the field of event travel and hospitality have ensured lifetime relationships with first rate contacts allowing us to offer you the very best service.

Dedicated Account Managers

The team we have at BlueRock provide a wealth of experience combining the World of Event Hospitality with worldwide travel experts to ensure the perfect balance of understanding, knowledge, experience and forward thinking.

Your Dedicated Account Manager will oversee everything so you can relax.

They will be happy to discuss all aspects of packages..