Alongside our numerous incentive travel possibilities here at BlueRock we can also offer bespoke Hospitality options to all major sporting and entertainment events throughout the world.

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Bespoke Hospitality Options

Whether you wish to use our service as a reward for loyal staff, a means of persuading new customers or a method of cementing relationships with existing clients, the events offered by us will hit the mark every time. We aim to give you a finely honed tool for securing customer retention which will come in at the lowest possible price without there being any compromise on the quality of the experiences we offer.

Traditionally corporate hospitality was viewed perhaps as a ‘thank you’ or just an opportunity to entertain clients. However corporate hospitality is no longer just about this and rather more about maximising a return on investment
The good news for you is that even if your competitors regularly put on a corporate hospitality event the general trend is that it is done pretty badly. For instance did you know in a recent survey only a quarter of companies bothered to follow up with attendees and ask them what they thought of the event?

What this means is there is a big opportunity to do things better and more effectively
In the current climate spending on any form of marketing can only by justified if it demonstrates a return on investment.

As Marketing managers we all know about the benefits of taking our best clients and prospects to an event or hosted activity. It’s an opportunity to get to know them better and develop relationships that can serve you well both short term and long term.

There is no other medium of marketing that allows you this contact, which is why sales and marketing people are usually keen on putting on corporate hospitality.

Marketing people recognise that client relationship are just that – relationships-and we know we need to treat them as such. Think about your Wife, husband, partner or family… take them for granted and often results in problems. The exact same goes for your customers.