Transatlantic Tours

At BlueRock we have excellent links and relationships with clients, suppliers and organisations around the globe but nowhere is this demonstrated more than in North America.

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Transatlantic Sports Tours

For many years now we have been welcoming incoming American and Canadian clients to Europe and likewise had great pleasure in escorting Europeans across the pond in the other direction.

Our trans-atlantic trips over the years have always been memorable but can also be pretty diverse from taking hundreds of British boxing fans to a world title fight in Las Vegas to escorting a group of 80 New Yorkers to a Czech Republic first division football match in Prague! So please feel free to approach us with any event requests, however diverse it may seem!

With our Sports tour department, when a club from the UK or Europe approaches us to organise their tour, our first recommendation is always North America. With our close links and knowledge of the area, and Florida in particular, it is our destination of choice when it comes to travelling sports teams – first class facilities, on site representation, an ideal climate, and locals with a sporting passion makes this a ‘no brainer’ for a successful trip.